"I'm attaching a photo that shows how much our son has learned from your classes. We were out in the forest when Benjamin jumped onto the log and I called out, "circus arms, buddy!" Right away, he was in tight-wire mode! The next day, he was struggling to fold a piece of paper into four, when I reminded him about folding his scarf at circus school. After that, he had no trouble. The circus classes have really been a highlight of our year. Benjamin had a grand time and I'm pleased to see that so much of what he's learned is transferable to other arenas; the safety elements, the ability to take instruction from different teachers, the physical coordination. It was an amazing experience for all of us."

"From a parent's point of view, I saw: safety, encouragement, more camaraderie than in ANY class she's ever taken, pride and self-confidence. The smiles on all 28 kids' faces were sincere and huge during their final performance for us. While speaking to several other parents, it was clear that they too are very impressed by VCS and are hoping for more classes for their kids."

"Our 5yr.old grandson loved the various activities they introduced to him, and the instructor, Travis, was terrific. We got a LOT of individual attention, instruction, and guidance. We'll go again! What a great deal that was!"