Travis Johnson

Travis JohnsonTravis is the co-owner of the Vancouver Circus School. Having grown up in the world of circus and trampoline, Travis has never known a life without either. Travis started his competitive career in trampoline at the early age of 6, later having gone on to win the Western Canadian title, a few times over. During his teenage years, Travis became a trampoline and gymnastic instructor. After high school, Travis joined an event management company, becoming its vice president within 3 years. Following a severe motor vehicle accident, wherein Travis barely escaped with his life, Travis and his father, Aaron, decided to develop the Vancouver Circus School. To date, by utilizing his event management and administrative background, Travis has produced over 300 events for the Vancouver Circus School and its professional division, the Inner Ring.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron JohnsonAaron is the co-owner of and Director of Safety and Education for the Vancouver Circus School. Aaron has been a catalyst in the development of Trampoline Coaching Education, as he developed a safety manual for the country that would eventually be known worldwide; collaborating with some of the world's finest trampoline experts, such as Dr. Fred Yeadon, Dave Ross, and Boris Verkhovsky, as well as many other Canadian trampoline specialists, Aaron produced the safest, most progressive system for teaching trampoline possible, the NCCP Trampoline Technical Manual. More recently, Aaron also served as the Head Acrobatic and Artistic Coach for the Cirque du Soleil show, Mystere, having worked in Montreal and Las Vegas. Soon after, Aaron and his son, Travis, started the Vancouver Circus School in order to share with others the fun, the challenge, and the love of learning acrobatics and circus arts.

Jennifer Long

Jennifer LongHailing from the icy depths of Prince Edward Island, Jennifer brings passion and creativity to all she does. A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Jennifer has been an entertainer since the age of three! Some of her favorite performance credits include: "Jan" in "Grease" (Vancouver), "The Gin Game" (BC Tour), the "refugee" in "Spirit of a Nation" (Victoria and Vancouver), "Les Folles Jambettes" CanCan troupe, and a one-year contract as "Anne of Green Gables" at Canadian World Theme Park, Japan.

In addition to theatre, Jennifer's love of acting has led her both to the small and large screen. She has worked on productions including Smallville, Outer Limits, Slapshot II, East Coast Music Awards, 2009 Canada Games, and Canadian Idol.

With a diverse background in Arts Administration and Event Management, Jennifer is excited to finally have a chance to "run away with the circus", in her new role as the Vancouver Circus School's General Manager.

Nigel Wakita

Nigel WakitaNigel's fascination with the world's weird and wonderful wonders has led him to the Vancouver Circus School, where he works as the Director of Recreational Education, and instructs unicycling, juggling, and Nigelisms. With the Vancouver Circus School, he has not only found an outlet to perform as a resident artist for Inner Ring (the school's professional division), but also finds opportunities for others to explore circus arts by encouraging physical education, and allowing students to flex their creative muscle in a desk-less, non-competitive environment. Every day, Nigel actively makes an effort to use his degree in Theatre and Education from Simon Fraser University, to continue the circus tradition of providing an enjoyable, challenging and thoughtful experience.

Meregon Kiddo

MeregonMeregon was one of the first students to enroll in classes at the Vancouver Circus School, back in 2005. At the time, she was also studying criminology at Simon Fraser University, and planned to eventually go to law school. Though, not long after her introduction to aerials, Meregon made quite a change in career paths, deciding to abandon law school in order to pursue circus, full time. Soon after, she became the very first person to make the transition from a student to an instructor for the Vancouver Circus School. In addition to now being the Head of Department for Aerial Silk, Meregon is also an instructor for the school's Ring Master program, and a resident performer for its professional division, the Inner Ring.

Michael Maan

Michael MaanMichael has been involved in performing arts all his life, having always loved combining physical fitness with the arts. Participating in recreational gymnastics, dance, theater, and music throughout his life eventually lead Michael to the Vancouver Circus School, where he now works as a multidisciplinary instructor, as well as the Even Manager for its professional division, the Inner Ring. Initially having starting as a recreational aerial silk student, Michael trained hard to lose some extra weight and went on to develop further as an aerial, training on aerial hoop and static trapeze, as well. Michael hopes to inspire his students, proving that with hard work, you truly can achieve anything you wish to, and have fun in the process!

Alexandra Witwer

Alexandra WhitwerAlexandra comes to the Vancouver Circus School via her upbringing as a competitive gymnast. Her decade of competition led her into coaching in Red Deer, Alberta where she gathered another ten years (and counting) of experience. She loves to teach, and has her degree in Education to prove it. As of late, Alexandra's passion for circus and learning has brought her to the VCS where she joined the family in 2010 and hasn't looked back.

Lindsay Bevan

Lindsay BevanLindsay had an easy transition from being a competitive gymnast for fourteen years to joining the ranks of the Vancouver Circus School. She is trained in multiple circus apparatuses; is Fully Certified Level 1 Gymnastics, and a gymnastics judge; and, Certified Level 2 Trampoline. She is currently attending British Columbia Institute of Technology, studying Forensic Sciences.

Fiona Walsh

Fiona WalshFiona has acted, danced, stage managed, and designed lights as a student at Vancouver Island University and Simon Fraser University, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. She has also acted in commercials, a few episodes for AZN Lifestyles TV, and has performed with a sketch comedy group called SFUU MAN CHU, with the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre. After finishing university and having so much newfound free time, Fiona learned circus arts as a way of bringing fitness back into herlifestyle. Fiona now works as an aerial instructor for the Vancouver Circus School, and is also part of the school's administrative team.

Scott Campbell

Scott CampbellScott had many different jobs and titles before running away and joining the circus. He is a classically trained actor who left Vancouver and toured the United States and Canada with Circus of the Kids. Scott has also lived in Hungary, training his double trapeze act with his partner, Gabriella, at MACIVA. Scott has taught kids and adults to fly, dive through flaming hoops, eat fire, juggle fire, and has helped them balance on their own two feet.

Charlotte Romses

Charlotte RomsesCharlotte started taking classes at the Vancouver Circus School when she was thirteen years old. When she was younger, she tried many different sports and activities, but after Charlotte found circus, she never wanted to leave. In 2009, she became an instructor, teaching classes in Aerial Silk, her favorite circus discipline. Outside of circus, Charlotte is currently studying Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Luke Waidmann

Luke was 5 time member of canada national trampoline team under Aaron Johnson, competing in two world championships in two world age groups. After 15 years competitive trampoline, he moved into becoming a professional stunt performer for film and television as well as coaching two athletes to gold medals at 1996 world age groups in Portugal. In addition to his love of acrobatics, Luke is a high level lead rock climber, stunt rigger and he owned a company building custom made stunt harnesses for the film industry.